During the last two years, a rollercoaster of emotions have taken control of my mind while trying to understand the mystery world of Big Data. With a degree in Business and Information Systems, I was able to create nifty tools where I work since 2007. Most of the my work has been server related such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) app server maintenance, Oracle DB management, Bash scripting, and data flow processes. Mapping and cross referencing data has not been an easy task; thus, the path to Big Data has been painful but worth it. Now, we can afford to run masses of data to cross reference to regain the meaning of information.

It is my goal to share, as a beginner, the learning path I took to understand how Spark works and its role in Big Data. I will be sincere with you. Architecting data structures is not easy and this is due to many factors in the workplace. We must first understand the type of data we have at hand to properly analyze it. Sample code will reside in this site, although most of the code will be stored in https://github.com/levihernandez